Some people say "time is money," but that's not quite right.  Time is much more valuable than money!  We've all had the experience of wasting money on poor purchases or bad decisions.  We recover from that, but not so with time.  Time once spent can never be recovered.  Every day, every hour is precious.  We make sure that we take care of the things that matter.

Stewardship of time requires us to look at our lives, twenty-four hours each day, as an opportunity to serve the Lord and to build up his Kingdom. How we spend our time is perhaps the clearest indication of our progress in a life of Christian discipleship. 

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Stewardship of Time

As we recognize the presence of God in our lives, we set out to live the spirituality of stewardship in terms of time, talent, and treasure.

How can you be a good steward?

Stewardship is a way of life deeply rooted in Jesus Christ, who by His example has taught us how to live.  He came not to do His own will, but the will of the One who sent Him.  He came not to be served, but to serve.

God has given each of us something to do that no one else on earth can do.  No one can be the parent, the grandparent, or the member of your parish that you are called to be.  Through stewardship, Jesus makes clear to each of us our individual mission in the Church, giving us the grace to live stewardship as a way of life,a way of holiness and spirituality.

What is Stewardship?

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Our Lord, giver of life and source of our freedom, we are reminded by Psalmist that Yours is "the earth and its fullness; the world and those who dwell in it."  We know that it is from Your hand that we have received all we have and are and will be.  Gracious and loving God, we understand that You call us to stewards of Your abundance, the caretakers of all You have entrusted to us.  Help us always use Your gifts wisely and teach us to share them generously.  May our faithful stewardship bear witness to the love of Christ in our lives.  We pray with grateful hearts, in Jesus' name.


Stewardship Prayer

Money is more personal than probably everything else in our lives.  We don't speak in public about how much money we have in the bank or what our house is worth.  It's just to personal.

Jesus knows this.  About half of the parables of Jesus have to do with money or with material possessions.  Remember the lost coin, the widow's mite, the buried treasure in the field, the Good Samaritan who gives two silver pieces to the innkeeper, and so on.

Jesus keeps talking about money because He knows how personal it is.    He knows that money is too important and can actually keep us from fullness of life with Him.

Stewardship of treasure is not about the need of your parish, but your need to give.  No matter what windfall a parish might experience, the parish must still emphasize stewardship of treasure.  Why?  Because stewardship is not about giving to a need; rather, it is about a need to give, a need to make sure that material possessions do not dominate our lives.

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Stewardship of Treasure

We can't think of stewardship of talent only in terms of what we can do to help out around our parish.  Talent is the passion that the people have for doing what is good.  Think of people that you know who are passionate about the cause of the poor, who are passionate about pro-life issues.  In bringing their passion to all they do they make a difference.  That's great stewardship of talent.

Each of us possess many talents. Stewardship of talent calls us to search out those talents, nurture them, and share them with others. Our first and greatest commandment is "To love our God with our whole heart, our whole soul and our whole mind." We do that by using our God-given talents for the benefit of others.  Doing that brings us to our second greatest commandment, "To love our neighbor, as we love ourselves."  Stewardship of talent shows us the way to a spiritual life, a oneness with God through reaching out to others.

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Stewardship of Talent